Master Key Experience

Week 17

Each day starts with a surrender; it is truly an alignment of wills, mine with the Universe. I humbly ask for the courage to feel my sensations, knowing that they are my intuition, I ask for the courage to do what’s right, to change my self, my patterns, my habits, and persistence, I ask for persistence and I see it everywhere. I acknowledge it with gratitude, knowing it lies within me.

With focus on courage and desire for the end result, I use the Law of Substitution to maintain a positive mental attitude, I offer encouragement and support by acknowledging the persistence I observe, and I feel the unfoldment of the creative abundance that is the universe within manifesting all around me. The miracles of persistence are endless. Infinite and truly boundless is my gratitude. With each small goal reached I get closer to my purpose. My attention increases, my focus strengthens and my persistence continues.

Week 16 MKE

Wow the law of sevens hit home with me. In my second period of infancy I started a new life. My 50th birthday was experienced in a rehab center. It was no doubt the safest place for me to be and in hindsight and at that time I was and am in confident knowledge that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Since my rebirth the universe has continuously shown me that when I get out of my way my new life is exactly how it is meant to be: the universe really does have my back. For example last week my focus was on discipline. Monday morning I started using a meditation app not even realizing how it would benefit my discipline. My encounters with discipline were endless – I am surrounded by people who are putting their all into doing the right thing one day at a time. Each time I read Og, scroll IV oozed discipline and I let it sink in deeply to my awareness, cherishing it knowing that I am building discipline consciously, so very grateful for every moment in this incredible program. It charges me up knowing this empowering gift I am receiving -I am giving it to myself by doing the work and I’m sharing it with everyone and everything in my realm.

Acceptance and appreciation of where I am today: the beauty and love that surrounds me and incredibly rich quality of life I live today shed light on the dark cloud within me. It increases my vibe to where I get to shine my light and share my love. What joy to feel the harmony and happiness. All thanks to the master key experience and all involved ❤️❤️

Winding up kindness.

Week 14/15

Focussed on Harmony in Action A natural antidepressant of applying relaxation and gratitude to the present state.

Just a bit time and space to let the magic happen. Some time to allow my thoughts to solidify into manifestation and for the universe to show me the next right thing.

I’ve spent much time over the passed few weeks focussing and acknowledging harmony and harmonious conditions. My gratitude for these blatant indications of my work thus far is enormous and enthusiastic!! The world is a beautiful place and my life truly is a miracle. I most certainly am unique and I have found that I do belong where I am; I am found!! Reflecting on the last few weeks I’m realizing there were so many moments of harmony that I didn’t notice except now in hindsight. That discomfort and negativity I felt was the tug of old habits as the new ones take root! This is growth: my mind is changing, conditions are changing, my perspective is changing. I realize now that much of the negative pull I’ve been feeling is merely this change occurring. I am filled with gratitude for this realization. The Master Key Experience is an incredible and beautiful transformation; it is a graceful unfolding full of love and all the richness it brings to life.

In 15:3 of the Master Key, Haanel writes “Difficulties, inharmonies, and obstacles indicate that we are either refusing to give out what we no longer need, or refusing to accept what we require. “

These inharmonies aka my low and depressed feelings indicate times when I need to focus on courage and persistence as I open my heart and mind to the moment, choosing harmony and gratitude as I take what I need to continue my growth in the moment and and move on without excess only with deep appreciation of the available abundance of all imaginable forms and materials. I am whole and perfect. In these moments of doubt and fear I practice the law of substitution and think of my Dharma and my goals and I carry on: strong and powerful.

My intentions are solid: loving and harmonious.

I am happy.

Week one

Starting a new adventure this week. It’s one I’ve been hoping for and dreaming about. Writing out the Blueprint Builder I felt like I am exactly where I want to be. I’m on the path I’ve been looking for and I’m so grateful that I’m going to do everything I can to keep moving forward with MKE. It’s already Friday and I’m excited to start my DMP. I’m ready to let go of all my fears and take this leap of faith. I feel the strength of this program and the deep seated recognition of the truth as I read the workbook and questions. This turbulent sensation of anticipation, excitement, fear and delightful gratitude fills me with hope and faith. My purpose will make itself known to me as I continue to make myself available and open; I am ready to receive, transmute, share and serve however it best serves this beautiful and perfect universe. I feel honoured and blessed with connection and opportunity. Even as I write this I feel empowered and motivated as I consider the words I’ve read in the workbook and the recognition I felt in my body. Everywhere I’ve been and everyone I’ve met has led me to this moment. Today I’m ready to change and grow and live my best life as the best version of myself. So very grateful for the guidance, I will willingly accept what I need and trust I will continue to recognize the truth when I hear it.

I’m taking a minute to do this as so much is happening and my typical old behaviour is to drop it all and run. I’m writing this to tell on myself because I have that knot in my stomach when I’m getting overwhelmed. I don’t want to quit. In fact I fully intend the jump right into this program. I am ready to succeed, and I believe the mke is what I need to reprogram my old behaviour, and that starts with me digging in and doing the next right thing even if I’m scared.

Week 2

The law of dual thought is a great reminder that I get to choose whether I feel self doubt or faith in myself. I can’t feel both so I’m choosing faith in myself today. I’m certainly acknowledging that I have moments of overwhelm when I realize that I’m behind and I want to do this, so I’m focusing on the fact that I want the master key experience to be a life change and I want to change and that the change will be resisted until I get the new habits laid down and that’s ok!

So I realized that I wasn’t watching the right webinars when I got all the material printed and I didn’t recognize most of it. So I’d been watching the short intros and hadn’t even found where they were even though I’d been shown in the intros. So here I am. Not upset with myself. I accept that when I get overwhelmed there is a scattering. A loss of consciousness. Realizing that possession of my wits and integrity is based on my consciousness being accumulated. When I’m not present in the moment I am scattered so of course I’m feeling the loss of control of myself and thoughts!! What I love more than anything else right now is that even as I stumble I am learning. I am learning to live and learn a new way. I have a dmp to revise and read with the enthusiasm that pulses in my whole body and sweeps my heart with love and appreciation. I am where I need to be and I am more grateful even now than I was last week for this program and my beautiful life 🥰

Week 3

Each day I set an intention to think and behave in the most authentic and positive manner. In order to accomplish this I maintain an awareness and present mindedness and when I feel my thoughts begins to wander, I gently acknowledge that and bring myself back to the present moment and a positive frame of thinking. Knowing my thoughts and actions are reflected in the world without I focus on harmlessness, love and respect and gratitude.

Week 5

the week without opinion…I caught myself often, and stopped to explain to family members that my goal is to observe without judgement. This is something I have been aspiring towards for a bit of time. This program continues to validate that I am truly on a path of personal and spiritual growth. After writing my press release this week I came to the realization (backwards) that I need to adjust my one of my PPNs. Helping Others is a personal pivotal need for me. I chose Recognition for Creative EXpression because I thought my need to help others throughout my life has been unhealthy. I’m realizing the need is not unhealthy, the motive and process were very unhealthy. Recovery has gifted me an awareness and a spiritual connection with a program in which I live by principles that keep me healthy and my intentions pure. And the housecleaning!! Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual cleanup on a daily basis…cleaning up after myself, checking my intention and being kind and respectful with only love in my heart and my head, getting exercise, and practicing yoga and meditation daily is a good start on a clean fran today. It is with pure and loving intention that I can reclaim my PPN of Helping Others. Another puzzle piece in place for me, thanks to MKE and the feedback from my dear guide Roz. I am grateful.

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